Traffic Management Plan – St Ambrose Primary School, 1 Charles Street Pottsville, NSW, 2489

Keeping our students safe

More than one million school students travel to and from school each day in NSW. At St Ambrose, we have children who travel to and from school using bikes, cars, buses or by walking. We are very lucky to live in a region which provides us with lots of different options for safe school travel.

With these opportunities we know that there is a great deal of responsibility placed on students as they safely travel and also on our parents and staff to ensure that our students are kept safe as they journey to and from school.  The NSW Centre for Road Safety develops ideas and practical solutions to help keep them safe around schools, as they travel to school and home again. Please take some time to explore the many resources provided by the Centre for Road Safety.

Back to school safety tips for parents and carers explains the best ways to drop off and pick up children to reduce traffic dangers, while Keeping our kids safe around schools (PDF, 7.7Mb)  fact sheets have information for schools to share with families and the wider school community.

The 40km/h speed limit in school zones and school zone flashing lights help protect children on their way to and from school at the times and places where they often in high numbers.

Our Road Safety Education Program supports road safety education delivered by classroom teachers and is part of the formal school curriculum.

The Safety Town website is an online resource available to more than 2600 primary schools to support the quality teaching of road safety in NSW. The On the move website is designed for use by secondary school teachers and students as part of class teaching and learning programs.

Road safety issues around schools are managed by state and local government authorities. Although the roles and responsibilities of the authorities vary, school principals must approve any request before the agencies responsible are contacted.

Please take some time to observe the various zones which impact upon our St Ambrose Traffic Management Plan using the site map on this page.